The Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to one of the most vibrant art scenes in Texas. There are many art museums and centers scattered throughout this area that feature everything from Western art to classic and contemporary pieces. Explore these six places to see some of the best artwork in the area. 

Fort Worth Public Art

In 2001, the Fort Worth Art Commission and the Arts Council of Fort Worth started the Fort Worth Public Art program. The goal of this program is to get the community involved in the local art scene. The committee regularly facilitates projects where artists, design professionals, and developers come together to make accessible public art.

Thanks to this program, Fort Worth now has over 100 pieces of public art located throughout the city. One of the most notable artworks is on the Dewey Street Bridge. Artist Leticia Huerta showcases her Leather Roses and Start series. She uses bas-relief images in concrete to create designs of saddles and western wear to symbolize Fort Worth's past. There is also much more public art located in community parks, police stations, government buildings, street corners, and community centers. Take a day to see how many you can spot by following one of three available self-guided tours.

Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the top 10 largest art museums in the United States. It's located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas and a must-see art destination when you're in the area. This museum has a collection of over 25,000 pieces of artwork originating from all over the world. It also has traveling galleries and special events throughout the year. 

One of its most notable departments is the Arts of the Americas. This collection features handmade items such as pottery, weaving, jewelry, sculptures, and many other artifacts that tell the story of the ancient Americas. During your visit, make sure to also explore the wide array of contemporary work to see art from notable artists such as Jackson Pollock. 

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The next time you're in Fort Worth, head over to Darnell Street to visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. This art museum houses around 3,000 works of art. It's the oldest museum in Texas and has undergone many changes throughout the years. Along with an impressive collection of art, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth also hosts many programs, film screenings, and performances.

Virtually all of the art is from the post World War II era, with much of it in the pop and minimalist styles. Admire must-see works by the likes of Andy Warhol, Philip Guston, KAWS, Agnes Martin, and other notable modern artists. While exploring the museum, you may notice how much art has evolved over the past few decades. If you'd like to take a souvenir home, visit the gift shop that sells art prints and other memorabilia. 

Nasher Sculpture Center

Nasher Sculpture Center is an indoor/outdoor museum located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District. It features the personal collection of Raymond and Patsy Nasher. Landscape architect Peter Walker is responsible for the beautiful design of the outdoor space that holds over 300 masterpieces. You can expect to see work by renowned artists such as Serra, Rodin, Moore, Picasso, Kelly, Hepworth, and Calder.

The Nasher Sculpture Center also includes an indoor gallery space, an auditorium, education and research facilities, a store, and a cafe. During your visit, check out the rotating exhibitions from the Nashers' personal collection along with works from other museums or collectors. They also host programs for art lovers of all ages, including hands-on art classes, concerts, screenings, seminars, and workshops. You can also see pieces from the Nasher collection at the Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport and the NorthPark Center. 

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum is located on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth. This gorgeous art museum has over 350 permanent works of art and often features traveling collections. Its collection includes antiquities and art from all over the world. What makes this museum so special is its breadth of artwork. Whether you prefer more classical art or modern pieces, there is sure to be something you can admire. It houses Michelangelo's first painting along with works from Picasso, Monet, and Rembrandt. 

During your visit, take note of the museum's modern architecture. It features an open floor plan that lets in a lot of natural light. World-renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano designed the second building for the museum back in 2013. It showcases traveling work, while the original building holds its permanent collection. You can also stroll through its manicured courtyard and enjoy outdoor sculptures and fountains. After a full day of taking in art, stop for lunch at the museum's buffet that features sandwiches and salads. 

Crow Museum of Asian Art

Asian Art in Fort Worth

Image via Unsplash by belart84

If Asian art interests you, pay a visit to the impressive Crow Museum of Asian Art in downtown Dallas. Since 1998, The Crow Family has shared their collection of over 1,000 works with the community. Admission to the museum is always free, so feel free to stop by for a brief visit or a long afternoon of exploring what they have to offer. This mission of this collection is to love and celebrate the culture and arts of Asia.

Some of the most notable artwork you can see includes the Guardian Lions along with pieces that date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. You can see rare jewels, paintings, ancient weapons, and other traditional Asian art. The museum also hosts weekly Tai Chi, meditation, and restorative yoga classes. Through their art collection and programs, the Crow Family hopes to show how diverse and multifaceted Asian cultures are. 

Every art lover should make a trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to discover all the art it has to offer. From public art to museums featuring rare collections, you can spend plenty of time discovering amazing works. Stop by Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth to find the perfect vehicle to get you to your favorite art destinations. 

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