If you enjoy the distinctive texture of boba teas, you'll find plenty of opportunities to taste these creations as you're out and about in the Fort Worth area. Sip your way through the city and add a refreshing beverage to your shopping trips and other errands with these boba tea shops and restaurants. Many destinations also serve snacks, desserts, and meals so you can make a full dining experience from your outing. Try these locations for great boba in the Fort Worth area.

Sikhay Thai Lao Restaurant & Boba Tea & Pho

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3301 NE 28th Street, Fort Worth

At Sikhay Thai Lao Restaurant, you can get boba smoothies in a wide variety of flavors. Try a fruity option like honeydew, passion fruit, cantaloupe, mango, or peach. If you're craving coffee but want it with a twist, order the iced coffee or cappuccino boba tea smoothie. For something rich and decadent, get the white chocolate option. The adventurous might explore distinctive options such as bubblegum, taro, jackfruit, or avocado.

You can customize your boba smoothie by adding dairy milk, coconut milk, or almond milk. You then get to select your boba flavor from coffee jelly, lychee jelly, rainbow fruit jelly, strawberry popping boba, and mango popping boba.

Sikhay Thai Lao also serves a full menu of Thai food including stir-fry, egg rolls, fried rice, orange chicken, peanut chicken, noodle soups, and curries. You can order authentic Lao food as well from a packed menu of dishes like larb, yum neur, and tum mak tang.

Pho & Grill

4954 Overton Ridge Blvd, Fort Worth

A local favorite since 2014, Pho & Grill features a full menu of Vietnamese dishes in a cheerful bistro environment. Boba drinks at Pho & Grill are just $5, so it's easy to justify adding one of these tasty beverages to your meal. You'll find fruity flavors like strawberry, mango, pineapple, honeydew, watermelon, kiwi, and more. You can also get a pick-me-up with options like green tea, mocha, or cappuccino. Other engaging choices include avocado, taro, red bean, Thai tea, or milk tea. In your boba drink, you can choose strawberry or mango popping boba or chewy jelly boba.

The boba drinks are far from the only thing on the menu here. In fact, it's Pho & Grill's authentic Vietnamese cuisine that is the primary draw for most visitors. The chef always uses fresh ingredients to prepare the decadent dishes on the restaurant's extensive menu, keeping in line with Vietnamese tradition. 

You can complete your afternoon or evening with a full meal like stir-fried egg noodles, rice/egg noodles, crispy rice plates, fried rice plates, vermicelli bowls, and noodle soups. If you're in the mood for more of a snack to go with your boba, try the spring rolls or egg rolls. Available with everything from fried fish to grilled chicken, it's easy to find a roll that suits your preferences.

1102 Express Bubble Tea & Coffee

3204 Winthrop Avenue, Fort Worth

When you stop into 1102 Express Bubble Tea & Coffee, you'll enjoy a friendly atmosphere that perfectly complements your fun boba beverage. The menu includes milk tea, organic milk tea, macchiato tea, smoothies, coffee drinks, and more. You can adjust the sweetness level of many of these beverages to make sure they're perfect for your taste.

Choose from mouthwatering fruit flavors like strawberry, peach, mango, and cherry. For something sweeter and more decadent, try chocolate, tiramisu, almond, caramel, or hazelnut tea. 1102 Express Bubble Tea also serves distinctive options like lavender or rose. If you need a snack to go with your beverage, you can order a shrimp ball, fish ball, egg roll, crunchy crab meat, chicken dumpling, or fish sausage. For a sweet treat, try the flan, creme brulee, or macaroons to complete your order.

Wild Blueberries Dessert Shop

9500 Ray White Road, Suite 127, Fort Worth

At Wild Blueberries, all boba teas are made to order so you get exactly the flavor experience that you're after. The beverages aren't served with ice. Rather, they're shaken with ice and strained so your beverage is never diluted and you get a full cup of your drink. These boba drinks are prepared with your choice of black tea, green tea, or jasmine tea. You can order any of these beverages as a smoothie or icy. 

Black tapioca pearls are added free of charge to teas and smoothies. If you prefer jellies or popping boba, you can get these for an extra charge. Wild Blueberries offers milk tea in a variety of flavors including avocado, banana, chai, cookies and cream, lavender, lychee, jasmine, taro, Thai, white chocolate, and many more. You can also choose fruit tea made with fruit jam and tea. This comes in green apple, green mango, honeydew, kiwi, mango, passion fruit, pineapple, peach, or strawberry. 

In addition to these boba teas, Wild Blueberry also offers a variety of other beverages, frozen yogurt, gelato, and desserts.

Bobaddiction Tea Shops & Food Trucks

This family-owned and operated company delivers boba tea at its North Richland Hills and Deep Ellum locations as well as through the Mama Boba Truck and Baby Boba Truck that travel throughout the DFW area.

You can order tea in over a dozen flavors from Bobaddiction including both fruit teas and milk teas. Try options like refreshing honeydew cucumber, honey lemon, green apple, pina colada, red guava, and more. Get your boba in a smoothie or slush flavored with coffee, taro, strawberry, lychee, passion fruit, matcha, mango, or strawberry. Add a little something extra to your order with mochi ice cream in a single serving or six-pack. Choose from eight distinctive flavors including strawberry, green tea, mango, vanilla, chocolate, red bean, coffee, or black sesame.

Did we include your favorite boba shops on our list? If we've missed a great local destination for boba teas in the Fort Worth area, contact our team at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth. We want to make sure we're always offering the best recommendations to our customers.
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