Why Buy Genuine Subaru Accessories

Subarus are built for dependability, and that dependability is best backed with genuine parts from the original manufacturer. However, there are many competing parts on the market made by independent companies, who often sell them at lower prices. Whether you drive a new, used, or certified pre-owned car, when your car needs some bodywork or mechanical repair, Subaru genuine original equipment manufacturer parts can prolong your ride's lifespan and boost performance.

While Fort Worth, Haltom City, Arlington, and Dallas drivers can go for aftermarket parts, they won't offer the same quality as original equipment manufacturer parts. There are numerous benefits to using original Subaru parts and accessories for your automobile. If you're looking for more information regarding this, we encourage you to continue reading this informative article put together by experts at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth.

What Exactly Are OEM Accessories, and Why Do They Matter?

Before we explore why Subaru drivers in Fort Worth prefer genuine accessories, let us first discuss what OEM accessories are and why they matter. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the components are made by the same company that makes the automobile.

Aftermarket accessories are produced by a different parts manufacturer and are usually designed to be compatible with as many makes and models as possible. When you opt for OEM accessories, you'll receive accessories designed specifically for your car by the people who know it best.

What's the Difference Between OEM Accessories and Aftermarket Accessories?

Original equipment manufacturer parts are similar to those initially used to make your vehicle and come straight from Subaru, the manufacturer. That's why authorized Subaru dealership parts centers stock genuine OEM accessories for use on your Subaru! This guarantees maximum quality and the perfect fit for a flawless repair.

Aftermarket accessories, often built by third-party manufacturers, vary in quality. While some aftermarket components perform comparably to their OEM counterparts, that's not always the case. Poorly made aftermarket accessories can wear out quickly, affect your car's performance, or even cause severe damage. Consequently, at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth, we insist on only using original equipment manufacturer parts to maintain and repair your Subaru, since their quality is unquestionable.

Benefits of Buying Genuine OEM Accessories from Subaru 

The better you care for your Subaru, the better it'll take care of you! When you need to replace a part in your vehicle, the Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth team recommends OEM accessories. There are other options, but original equipment manufacturer Subaru accessories offer the best fit, quality, and peace of mind, helping you save a considerable amount of money over the long haul. Here are six compelling reasons why opting for original equipment manufacturer accessories can be beneficial:

Perfect Fit

When you opt for OEM accessories, you can be confident they'll fit correctly on your Subaru model because they were built with your specific Subaru model in mind. Some aftermarket components are built generically to fit a wide variety of makes and models. 

In some instances, this can mean a less-than-perfect fit. For example, generic seat covers designed to fit in all sorts of automobiles won't provide complete coverage and protection for your vehicle's seats. They might slide around if they're too big or not fit at all if they're too small. By contrast, OEM seat covers are trimmed to perfectly fit your vehicle's seats for a secure fit and ideal protection. 

Superior Driving Performance and Efficiency

Original equipment manufacturer parts are rigorously tested to match Subaru's manufacturing standards. These components are fitted, so you don't have to worry about vehicle efficiency and performance. In comparison, aftermarket parts may wear out quickly, causing decreased fuel efficiency and poor performance.

Also, OEM parts are replicas of the original parts, and they're designed to meet the automaker's exact specifications and withstand everyday wear and tear better. Although they tend to be pricier than aftermarket parts, original equipment manufacturer parts help you save on constant replacements in the long term.

Superior Quality

A third-party part may be compatible with your car, but an original equipment manufacturer part is guaranteed to. Subaru original equipment manufacturer parts are made specifically for each kind of vehicle, not as a one-size-fits-all. With a Subaru OEM part, you know you're getting the best Subaru quality. You'll also get support and a warranty when you order parts from the automaker through an auto dealership.

Reliable Ordering

When you decide to go for aftermarket components, you might have trouble ordering and finding the right part for your car, but with genuine Subaru OEM parts, it's easy. You can order parts through our dealership, and you can rest assured they'll be right for your Subaru.


Subaru parts can add up quickly, but when you take advantage of our service and parts specials, you'll find an easier way to afford the parts you need. We regularly offer deals on accessories so that you can maintain your car's smooth driving experience while also saving. Browse our current offerings to see if any are right for you.

Genuine Subaru Accessories Are Warrantied

Another major advantage to purchasing Subaru original equipment manufacturer parts is the warranty. A one-year, unlimited mileage warranty protects all OEM parts direct from Subaru. So, you're covered if the part has any problems, and you can get a replacement for that part free of charge.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of selecting genuine Subaru parts. The parts center here at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth has many key Subaru parts on hand. What we don't have, we can always order for you. Whether you're a do-it-yourself kind of person who installs parts and repairs your Subaru at home or you depend on the service technicians here at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth, you can count on us to provide you and your automobile with the perfect part. 

Before you shop, though, don't forget to check out our parts specials page. With these frequently changing deals, you can save a lot of money on all the components your Subaru needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.