Lease a Subaru in Fort Worth, TX

Do you want to drive the latest Subaru model without paying the full purchase price? Leasing puts you behind the wheel of the most innovative vehicles, all for an affordable monthly payment. When one lease is up, you can swap your vehicle for an even newer model without having to worry about selling or trading the old car. Leasing a Subaru is also a viable financial option since the monthly payments and down payments of a lease are usually lower than payments involved in purchasing a new vehicle.
Leasing a car is just like renting a car for a long period of time. Many drivers decide to lease a car to save money or test out a luxury car. If you’re thinking about leasing a car, we can tell you everything you need to know about the process. Plus, our finance center stands at the ready to help you with whatever your auto goals are. Read on to explore the leasing center at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth.

What Is Leasing a Car?

Leasing a car is the process of renting a vehicle for a long-term period. When you lease a car from a dealership, you agree to provide the lender with monthly payments for the vehicle. In the beginning, while you don’t need to make a down payment like when you’re purchasing a car, you do usually pay the first month’s payment, a security deposit, and other fees and taxes upfront. You can typically lease a car for two to three years. However, there are longer lease terms available. The longer the lease, the lower the monthly payment. After the lease period ends, you return the vehicle to the dealership. You can then decide if you want to start a new lease, purchase a car, or leave without a vehicle. Many lease contracts feature the option to buy the car you leased at a previously agreed-upon price after the lease period finishes. The formula for this buyout price involves the extent to which the car will depreciate over the lease term. Leasing a vehicle is a great way to borrow a car for a temporary period without committing to purchasing it.

What Is Buying a Car?

Instead of leasing a car, you could purchase the car. How does this process work? Since most people usually don’t have $30,000 in cash lying around, purchasing a car usually involves financing. Financing is the process of borrowing money or taking out a loan to pay for a car upfront. You then pay the lender back in monthly payments over time. You’re also responsible for paying interest and fees. After a certain period, you own the car outright. If you fail to make the payments on the vehicle, the lender may repossess your car.

Is Buying or Leasing Right for You?

Consider whether buying or leasing is right for you. While buying is a popular option, leasing a car comes with many benefits, including:
  • When you lease a car, you don’t usually have to pay a down payment, although some money will likely be due upfront to cover certain costs. This means you can access a car without having to pay a hefty amount of money.
  • Because leasing a car is temporary, it’s a great way to see if you like a certain make and model. Leasing the car for two to three years allows you to test out that brand and see its long-term durability.
  • Because leasing a car can have lower monthly payments than buying a car, you may be able to lease a luxury car. This allows you to drive around your dream car without breaking the bank.
  • The manufacturer’s warranty usually covers mechanical repairs to the vehicle, as many lease terms are short. When reviewing your lease agreement, review the warranty and maintenance information to understand what benefits you may have.
If you’re uncertain whether to buy or lease, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your options with you and help you formulate the best plan possible. Our dedicated team of professionals here at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth want to work with you to meet all your auto and financial needs.

How To Lease or Buy a Car in Fort Worth, TX

Whether you want to lease or purchase a car from a dealership, here are the steps to doing so:

Choose a Vehicle

Of course, the first step to buying or leasing a car is choosing the make and model for the vehicle you want. Consider browsing our huge inventory of new vehicles to check out various Subaru options. Here are some popular models that may interest you:
  • Ascent
  • Outback
  • Forester
  • Crosstrek
  • Legacy
  • Impreza
  • WRX
  • BRZ
You can also peruse our inventory of pre-owned vehicles. We carry used vehicles from a variety of brands. We also have certified pre-owned vehicles that have undergone a stringent reconditioning and certification process. A full vehicle history from previous owners is available. This means you’ll get a high-quality vehicle at a much more affordable price. In addition, many of our pre-owned vehicles come with great warranties or coverage for routine maintenance during the first months or years of ownership.

Explore Our Offers, Incentives, and Programs

Check out our current offers and incentives to see if there are any discounts available to you. You may be eligible for certain vehicle specials that provide you with great savings on your purchase or lease. For example, our military incentive program awards eligible U.S. military personnel and retirees a $500 bonus toward the purchase of a new Subaru. Plus, you can also think about whether you want to trade in your current vehicle to save money on your purchase of a new car. With the Subaru Trade-Up Advantage program, you may be eligible to receive exclusive benefits.

Get Pre-Approved Online

Before you get to our dealership in person, you can fill out some important forms online. If you want to apply for financing to purchase a car, you can apply online and get pre-approved for a loan easily. Just input your information and see your status right away. Doing this in advance can enable you to save valuable time and effort at the dealership.

Visit Our Subaru Finance Center in Fort Worth, TX

At our state-of-the-art finance and leasing center, we want to answer your questions about the leasing or buying processes. We’ll evaluate your credit score, insurance, and other factors to make an optimal arrangement for you. We hope you’ll take advantage of the flexible lease programs we offer. Of course, if you decide to purchase a new vehicle, instead, we’ll help you with that too. As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when acquiring a new vehicle. You’ll have to decide whether you want to lease or buy the vehicle, whether you want a new or pre-owned vehicle, and what kind of make and model you want. However, you don’t have to worry about these decisions. Our team here at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today. We want to give you all the facts to make your decision-making process as easy as possible.

Subaru Leasing FAQS

Can I purchase my leased vehicle? Yes, you can purchase your leased vehicle at any time during the lease. Please contact us for further details. When does my payoff quote expire? Refer to the documentation provided when the quote was received to confirm the “good through” date. Or you could contact us if the Subaru was leasing at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth. Will I be charged for modifications or upgrades to my vehicle? You may be charged for modifications or upgrades to your vehicle. Your Lease Agreement states that you will not modify the vehicle (such as adding, removing or modifying any accessories, equipment, parts, painting, or lettering) without our prior written permission. Any accessories, equipment, or parts installed in or on the vehicle become our property and part of the vehicle regardless of whether we gave you our written permission. How do I pay my bills? Subaru provides you with choices. Pay by mall, at a Chase Branch, through the Chase Paymatic Program, or over the phone; with so many choices, you won’t have a hard time getting in your check before its due date. What happens if I get into an accident? Accidents happen, and Subaru understands that. Fortunately, Subaru makes it easy to care for whatever chaos you’ve stumbled upon on the road. Just notify us and your insurance company right when it happens

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