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Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs For Sale In Fort Worth, TX

Welcome to Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth, a leading used car dealer in Fort Worth, Texas. Our dealership boasts an expansive inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles that can meet the criteria of the most discerning buyers. So whether you’re looking for a car, SUV, minivan, or pickup truck, you’ll surely find your perfect ride on our lot. We strive to help you save money on your car purchase by offering great prices, used vehicle specials, and competitive financing rates, so come to Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth for an unbeatable used car deal.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Used Car?

If you buy a new vehicle, you’ll have the privilege of being its first owner and the peace of mind that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, a new car typically costs considerably more than a pre-owned one of the same make and model. Therefore, it may make more financial sense to buy used. The following are several good reasons why you should consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle:

More Affordable Price

Buying a used car is a great option if you’re shopping on a budget. Even if you decide to purchase a pre-owned vehicle that’s just one or two years old, you can save thousands of dollars compared to buying new. This means you’ll enjoy lower monthly payments and greater financial freedom. Even if you can comfortably afford a new car, buying used is still worth your consideration because it allows you to get a larger, higher-quality, or more feature-laden vehicle with the same budget. 

Slower Depreciation

It’s a well-known fact that a new vehicle loses value faster than a pre-owned one. A new car begins to depreciate the moment it leaves the dealership lot, and it’ll typically be worth about 20% less than its initial price after just one year of ownership. For example, if you buy a $20,000 vehicle, you can expect its value to drop to $16,000 or less by the end of the first year. In contrast, if you purchase a five-year-old used car, you may only lose hundreds of dollars to depreciation if you sell it a year later. 

Lower Auto Insurance Rate

The market value of your vehicle has a significant impact on your auto insurance cost. If you purchase a pre-owned car, you can expect to save substantially on car insurance. Your insurance company will likely charge you a lower premium because it costs less to replace a used vehicle than a new one if a total loss occurs. Also, depending on the age of your car, you may not need to buy collision and comprehensive coverage, which leads to even more savings. 

Better Chance of Getting a Good Car

In the past, used car buyers faced a higher risk of getting stuck with a lemon because they couldn’t properly research the vehicles they wanted to buy. Now, you can find out a lot about a particular used vehicle by getting a vehicle history report online. Such a report includes a wide range of information that can help you determine if the car has any hidden problems, such as its title status, previous owners, and accident history. In addition, many auto dealerships are able to provide you with a free vehicle history report upon request. 

Also, purchasing a pre-owned car is safer now than ever before because vehicles have become more reliable over the years. As a result of technological advancement, most modern cars can last well beyond the 100,000-mile mark. Therefore, if you purchase a used car with about 50,000 miles on the odometer, you can expect it to run smoothly for at least a few more years. As long as you do your homework, it’s quite unlikely you’ll end up with a vehicle that breaks down soon after you bought it.

Why You Should Shop for a Pre-Owned Car at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth

Although it’s more affordable than a new model, a pre-owned vehicle is still a substantial investment. To make sure you’ll get your money’s worth, you should shop for a used car at a reputable auto dealership, such as Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth. Our dealership is one of the most popular destinations among used car buyers in the Fort Worth area because of our long-standing reputation for offering top-quality vehicles at the most competitive prices. 

Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth has an expansive inventory of pre-owned vehicles to cater to the budgets and lifestyles of all kinds of drivers. Whether you’re planning to buy an affordable commuter car, fun-to-drive sports car, family-friendly SUV, a well-appointed luxury car, or a tough and rugged pickup truck, we’ve got you covered. Besides Subaru models, we also carry vehicles from many other major auto brands, including Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, GMC, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Land Rover, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. We carefully hand-pick and inspect all of our used vehicles to make sure they’re in excellent condition. 

At our dealership, we understand that buying a pre-owned vehicle can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. As such, we’re committed to creating a relaxing and pleasant environment at our dealership so that you can shop with minimal stress and hassle. If you need help choosing your ideal car, our knowledgeable and experienced sales representatives can provide you with all the information and advice you need to make the right decision. Instead of using high-pressure sales tactics, we try our best to treat you as part of our family and make you feel completely at home. 

Additionally, Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth has a well-connected finance department that offers a wide array of auto loans to suit every driver’s needs. So regardless of your credit score or financial circumstances, we can work with you to find the best financing solution. Finally, before you head to our dealership, make sure you check our “used vehicle specials” page to see if there are any featured vehicles. Buying one of these used models can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Enjoy the ultimate used car shopping experience at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth. Don’t hesitate to contact us If you have any questions or want to schedule a test drive. 


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