Why Finance With Hiley Subaru?

  When it’s time to get your next vehicle, there are some major decisions you have to make. For example, do you want a sedan or an SUV? How important is gas mileage to you? How much cargo space do you need? On top of all these decisions about your car, you need to decide how you’re going to pay for it. There are two primary options for getting a vehicle: financing and leasing. Here at Hiley Subaru in Fort Worth, we offer both options to our customers and can help you choose the right one for your needs. Below, we explain what auto financing includes, along with why you should get your financing through Hiley Subaru rather than going somewhere else. if you’d like to view our new Subaru inventory or learn more give us a call at (682) 802-7207 today!

What Is Vehicle Financing?

person holding pencil near laptop computer by Scott Graham is licensed with Unsplash License Vehicle financing is one of the primary ways that car buyers pay for their next new or used vehicle. When it’s time to buy your next vehicle, you likely don’t have the cash on hand to cover the entire expense. Therefore, you’ll need to take out a loan, which will allow you to pay for the vehicle over time. This is known as vehicle financing. There are two main ways you can secure financing for your next vehicle purchase. One way is to contact a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, and apply for a loan. The other option is to work with the dealership where you’re buying the car. Choosing to get financing through the dealership comes with a few benefits, as follows:

Financing with Hiley Subaru Is More Convenient

For starters, getting your financing through a dealership, such as Hiley Subaru, offers you more convenience than going through a lender. If you were to look for financing through an outside financial institution, you’d have to spend time applying at each to find out what loan rates they can offer you. This comes with a significant amount of paperwork and can be a bit of a hassle when all you really want to do is buy a car. It’s far more convenient to get your financing through a dealership. You’re already at the dealership looking for a vehicle and you can complete all the necessary paperwork for the loan at the same time. The staff at the dealership can also answer any questions you have during the application process, making it all easier. Rather than going through the hassle of trying to find the best lender, you can simply go with the lending partner of your dealership and secure a great auto loan.

Save Money by Financing With Hiley Subaru

Financing with a dealership is more convenient, and it can also often save you money. One reason for this is that dealerships can secure great loan rates due to their partnerships with financial institutions. In many cases, you’ll get a better loan rate if you work through your dealership rather than if you try to secure a loan on your own. Another way you can save money on your auto loan is through dealership incentives. Here at Hiley Subaru, we regularly offer specials on our auto loans that allow our customers to save even more money. One of our primary goals is to help as many of our customers as possible secure reasonable vehicle payments, and we do this through auto loan specials and incentives. Be sure to ask us about any incentives before you secure your next auto loan.

Get Your Next Vehicle Faster With Dealership Financing

When it’s time to get your next vehicle, you’ll likely want to do it as quickly as possible. You have precious little free time as it is, and you don’t want to spend it going from dealership to dealership or bank to bank trying to find the best deal. Instead, you just want to get the car you like, at a reasonable price, and be on your way. The quickest way to get your next vehicle is often by getting your auto financing through the dealership. This allows the dealership to complete the sale much faster and saves you the time of having to compare lenders. Here at Hiley Subaru, we aim to get you on your way as quickly as possible, and providing our customers with excellent financing options is one way we do this.

Special Offers at Hiley Subaru

Our auto financing options aren’t the only way we help our customers save money. We regularly offer discounts and specials on our latest new vehicles, along with many of our pre-owned options. By taking advantage of one of our specials, you lower the amount you need to borrow. In turn, you can expect lower monthly payments. This means you can pay the loan off faster, saving you money in the long run. Everyone shopping for a new or used vehicle wants to get the best price. Through the specials at Hiley Subaru and our amazing financing offers, this becomes much easier. Learn how you can combine these two money-saving offers by visiting our dealership at your earliest convenience.

Discover New and Used Vehicles at Hiley Subaru

Whether you’re looking to get a new vehicle or a pre-owned model, Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth has you covered. We have the latest new models from Subaru available, along with many reliable and affordable pre-owned models from a range of manufacturers. No matter which type of vehicle you want, you can be sure that you’re getting a great vehicle at a reasonable price.

Get Started Today With Hiley Subaru Today

To get started, please browse through our current inventory online. You can also use our online tools, such as our online finance application and trade-in evaluator, to help you with your purchasing decision. Then, when you’re ready, contact us  to schedule a visit to our Fort Worth dealership. Once you arrive, our sales team can answer any questions you have about our vehicles, and our finance team can help you secure financing for your purchase. Thank you for choosing Hiley Subaru, and we look forward to seeing you.