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If car repair in Fort Worth is what you are looking for come to Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth for quality service from industry professionals. At our Fort Worth, Dallas, Haltom City and Arlington, TX area auto service facility we will provide you with the Subaru repair necessary to quickly fix the problem. If it is an oil change you need or a new transmission, the service technicians at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth can perform any service on schedule and right the first time. Come down to 3505 W Loop 820 S  or click here to schedule your appointment today.

At Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth, we know how important your car is to you, so we're dedicated to providing the best service we can for you and your vehicle. Subaru trains every one of our technicians, and we provide them with specialized tools to perform exceptional service on your vehicle. We only use Subaru parts when making a repair to ensure the quality and performance of your car. With every service our technicians perform, we include a full multi-point inspection of your vehicle for free. 

We care about you and the safety of your vehicle. Consider Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth for everything from tuneups to repairs. Here are some of the most common services we provide:

Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the most common preventative maintenance services we perform. We recommend scheduling all services, but we can accommodate drive-up service also. 

Every car should have its oil changed regularly. Engines are made of metal, so heat and friction can cause damage without sufficient lubrication. Motor oil helps keep your engine greased and running smoothly. During an oil change, the technician drains the old motor oil from the vehicle and replaces it with fresh, clean oil. They also replace the oil filter, which helps clean the oil as it runs through the engine. 

Every vehicle has slightly different recommendations for the frequency of oil changes. Check your Subaru manual to see how often you should have your oil changed. 

Fluid Check

Vehicles function with the help of several fluids besides motor oil. Maintaining the health and appropriate volume of these fluids can help keep your car in great condition for long-term use. We can check the following vital fluids for you:

  • Radiator fluid helps keep your engine cool and safe from the danger of overheating. Located in the pressurized radiator, this fluid must remain at a certain volume to keep your engine running safely. 
  • Transmission fluid keeps the transmission lubricated. It can lose its efficacy if not fully replaced for some vehicles. If the fluid is dark or has residue in it, then it's no longer sufficient and needs to be flushed from the vehicle and replaced. Some manufacturers recommend flushing the transmission at certain mileage intervals while others don't. Check your Subaru manual to see what the recommendations are for your specific vehicle.  
  • Power steering fluid makes maneuvering your vehicle a breeze. With low power steering fluid, you might notice your car is sluggish or difficult to turn.
  • Air conditioning coolant, since once the Texas summer gets going, it's vital that your car's air conditioning coolant is charged and ready to go. Without coolant, your climate control system won't be able to function properly. 

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation increases the safety of your vehicle and saves you from purchasing new tires often. A tire rotation includes moving each tire from one location on the car to another. For example, the technicians might switch the back left tire and front left tire and perform the same action with the right-side tires. The reason for tire rotation is to keep the wear and tear on the tires uniform. Front tires tend to see more wear due to the pressure from turns, while back tires wear more evenly. Rotating the tires lengthens their life and keeps them on a similar replacement schedule. 

Vehicle Tuneup

Regular inspections ensure your car is functioning properly. Small, preventive tuneups can save you money on costly repairs. The following services are usually included in a vehicle inspection: 

  • Windshield assessment to check for cracks or chips.
  • Tire check to make sure they have sufficient tread for traction and safety.
  • Light inspection to ensure headlights, high beams, hazard lights, brake lights, and turn signals all function properly.
  • Brake testing to make sure that the brakes are responsive, the brake pads are not worn down, and that the emergency brake works.
  • Alignment and steering assessments to ensure the car isn't listing to one side and is safe to drive. 
  • Seat belt checks to make sure all seat belts latch appropriately. 
  • Fluid testing to make sure all levels are appropriate. 


We're happy to perform tire alignment checks to ensure the safety and drivability of your vehicle. Tire alignment helps keep the wear and tear on your tires to a minimum. If your tires are out of alignment, then one tire might receive too much pressure and will wear down substantially faster than the others. 

Filter Replacement

In addition to the motor oil filter, you should regularly change two other filters: The engine air filter and the cabin air filter. 

The engine air filter keeps your engine clean and free from debris like pollen and dust, which can negatively impact your vehicle's functionality. Check your vehicle's manual to determine how frequently to replace your engine air filter.

The cabin air filter keeps passengers breathing clean air by filtering out dust, pollen, or other pollutants. Much like the engine air filter, you can find the recommendations for changing the cabin air filter in your Subaru's manual. A few indicators that it might need a change is a rattling sound when running the heating or cooling, a foul smell from the vents, or weak airflow due to a clogged filter. 

Brake Check

The braking system of your Subaru is vital to its functionality. We can help you keep the following brake elements working perfectly:

  • Brake lines: If your brake line gets air in it, it can decrease the efficacy of the brakes. Our technicians are capable of quickly and seamlessly bleeding your brake line to get it back to maximum functionality. 
  • Brake fluid: Brake fluid helps maintain the responsiveness of your vehicle's brakes. It loses its efficacy over time, developing a milky color and particulates. We can replace your brake fluid and keep your brakes working optimally. 
  • Brake pads: Brakes use pressure to stop the rotation of the wheel and bring your car to a halt. Natural friction wears down brake pads over time, decreasing the efficacy of the braking system. If you notice you have to depress the brake pedal further than normal, a burning smell, or poor responsiveness, let us check your brake pads to keep you safe. 

The experienced technicians here at Hiley Subaru of Fort Worth can perform all these services and more on your Subaru. Check out our regular service specials and book your car service appointment today.

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